Waiting is the most crucial part in achieving our goals. This is a point in time we usually miss the chance because we forgot that waiting is part of the process. There are times when we see waiting as a negative idea towards achieving our goals. We tend to think that waiting is useless and just a waste of time. But have you ever asked yourself if waiting has any benefits? Does waiting really important? 

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    I am now in the position where waiting seems so hopeless and frustrating. I can’t wait to achieve my goal. Though I’ve been doing so much with all the best I can, still, I can’t have what I want. Upon thinking for so many times and reflecting to most successful stories, I ended up realizing how important waiting is. Below are some of my realizations about the benefits of waiting. I am sharing these to you thinking that maybe you’re in my position right now too. 

 1. Waiting Develops Patience 

    According to the saying, “Patience is virtue.” It is indeed a virtue once we appreciate that waiting comes with patience. The longer we wait, the more we develop the art of patience. Through patience we can be creative in developing ourselves, specially in discovering our full potential. To wait patiently doesn’t mean, sitting and doing nothing. A person who wait patiently do their job diligently. While waiting, we must also do the right things that could make us better and more deserving for what we are waiting for. 


 2. Waiting is Appreciation 

     The longer we wait the more we appreciate the thing we’ve been waiting for. There is no challenge if we can achieve something so easily. We cannot develop that eagerness to be more and doing our best if there is no waiting period. This point of time will make us crave for more for the things we’ve been waiting for. That thing will make us droll and be eager to achieve and have it even more. By the time we can have it, we can appreciate not only the waiting process but also the effort we put into achieving it. 

3. Waiting is Discovering 

     Waiting is a time where we can discover a lot about ourselves. We will realized who and what kind of person we really are during this time. Upon waiting, we can also discover some of our potentials. Our sleeping talents and skills may be awaken during this time. This discovery can also be a way in order to achieved our goal easily. It can also be a manifestation that while waiting, we can be someone else that could be one of our greatest testimonies when we achieve the thing that we’ve been waiting for. 

 4. Waiting is Realization 

     Upon waiting, we will realize that success does not takes place overnight. Success is a process of series of failures and disappointments. Waiting is a realization that if we wanted to achieved something, we must know what and how to sacrifice. Through waiting, we learn to step out from our comfort zone and be better. We realized that while waiting, we should be the best candidate for the success we’re waiting for. These realizations usually happen during the process of waiting. 

 5. Waiting is Acquiring 

     In the process of waiting we often reflect on what to improve about ourselves. We wait for the right time while we encounter many challenges and failures. During this time, we unconsciously acquire ideas on what to do the next time we encounter such challenges. We know how to change attack in case we see the same failure. We acquire knowledge on how our actions produce results. In this manner, we learn a lot upon waiting. We learn that different actions provide different results. 

6. Waiting is Praying

    Waiting is a time to draw yourself  nearer and nearer to God. Waiting needs a lot of courage to face struggles and strength to endure the temptation of giving up. Though waiting period is long and a rocky journey, praying will give you hope and faith that God's perfect timing is never late nor too early. You will have an understanding that everything in the universe was created through its own time, perfectly and wonderfully. Prayer is powerful, you just only need to believe.

     Waiting is very important in the process towards success. It helps us to develop ourselves to be worthy of the things we’re waiting for—may it be our dream job, the promotion we work hard for or the person we want to pursue. Waiting maybe harsh but so fulfilling. 

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 According to Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good for the proper time we will reap the harvest if we do not give up.” It is indeed very clear that everything in this world has its own timing, all we need is to do the right thing while waiting. And if the right time comes, we are proud to say that “It’s worth the wait!”

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