Dating Period: Perks of Advice


Dating period is a time where you can know your potential partner better and yourself more.
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I know some of you are in a dating period right now who are very eager to ask an advice on what to do or not when dating. I am not an expert when it comes to giving advice. However, I just wanted to share some of the things I failed to do when I was in a relationship. In fact, some of these are my realizations after a heartbreak. Additionally, this advices are not literally for all because our experiences may vary. Some of these may be helpful to you but not to others. So take it as an advice from a concerned friend.

1. Focus on Self-Discovery:

When you’re dating, that doesn’t mean you have to stop discovering about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re busy discovering something about the person you’re dating with. Otherwise, use the dating period as an opportunity to discover yourself more. Understand what are your values, aspirations, and priorities. Take time to reflect on what you want in a partner and what you are willing to compromise on when you’re in a relationship with that person. This self-awareness will help you make better choices and build a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.

2. Communicate Openly and Honestly:

Don’t be ashamed in sharing about what and how you feel because effective communication is the key to any successful relationship. Be open and honest about your feelings and concerns about that person. Feel free also to communicate your expectations on him and to your relationship in the future. Encourage your partner to do the same too. Communication is a two-way process, you have to listen his/her concerns too. To this effect, it will foster trust, understanding, and prevent misunderstandings. Remember, good communication involves both talking and listening.

3. Set Boundaries:

To be in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you own him/her and vice versa. Establishing personal boundaries is essential in any relationship. We have different individuality within us and we still have privacy. On the other hand, you’re not yet married to intrude each other’s privacy. To achieve this, both of you must clearly communicate your boundaries and respect those. Setting boundaries help maintain individuality, promote respect, and create a safe and comfortable space for both individuals.

4. Take it Slow:

Avoid rushing into a serious commitment too quickly. You might not know the person you’re dating now will be a different person when you’re in a relationship with him/her. Use the time to get to know your partner on a deeper level. Build a strong foundation first before diving into a serious relationship. Also, being in a relationship is not just a game to play and quit after you lose interest, it is a commitment. This will allow you to develop a solid understanding of each other’s personalities, values, and compatibility.

5. Prioritize Compatibility:

Many say opposites attract, without knowing compatibility in core areas is crucial for a lasting relationship. Relationship failed because some people think compatibility is not a serious matter with regards to relationship. Both must assess compatibility in areas such as values, life goals, communication styles, and shared interests. Not doing this may lead to a conflict in the future. So look for common ground and shared values that will serve as a strong foundation for the future.

6. Maintain Independence:

Maintaining your independence is  to maintain your individuality. You have dreams and aspirations before you date that person. Never allow someone to ruin your goals just because you’re in a dating period. That person must be your sidekick and support, not your enemy. Pursue your personal interests, hobbies, and friendships. Remember, a healthy relationship allows both partners to grow individually as well as together.

7. Learn from Past Experiences:

First timers in dating may not get this point, but I know you have friends whom you witnessed how their dating period go. Reflect on others experiences or past relationships and learn from them. Identify patterns of negative and bad intentions, also strengths and weaknesses that can guide you towards making better choices. Use these experiences as opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. In a addition, this will help you to be smart in choosing someone to date and be in a relationship with.

8. Trust Your Instincts:

Your instinct is a God’s gift. It serves as a  guide on what decision you’re going to make. Trust your instincts and intuition when it comes to choosing a partner. If something feels off or doesn’t align with your values, it’s essential to address it. More importantly, don’t ignore red flags or dismiss your gut feelings. Trusting yourself will lead you towards healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

9. Practice Empathy and Forgiveness:

No one is perfect as well as relationship. Others may committed mistake by giving their all to their previous partners but that conflict is inevitable. Practice empathy by trying to understand your partner’s perspective and validate their feelings. Learn to forgive and let go of past mistakes. Cultivating empathy and forgiveness will strengthen your bond and promote a healthier relationship.

10. Invest in Personal Growth:

Continuously work on personal growth and self-improvement. Make dating period as an inspiration to pursue more of your dreams. Cultivate your own interests, pursue and do good in your education, and develop more your old and acquire new skills. A well-rounded individual will bring more to a relationship and contribute to the growth and development of both partners.

Remember, dating is a learning experience and a journey of self-discovery. You’re still young to be stressed about commitment so be patient. Another thought, please have realistic expectations because relationship is not a fairytale. More importantly, enjoy the process of getting to know yourself and your potential partners. By following these guidelines, you can lay the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship in the future.

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